My Experience with Habit Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Last weekend, I got habit hand-tied hair extensions put in my hair. Hair extensions can be used for a variety of reasons, with the most common being to thicken or lengthen your hair. I did a little bit of both through my application! Below I’ll share a bit about my story with hand-tied extensions and answer questions I had before getting them done.

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The Process and Appointments

I got my extensions done by Natalie (@nataliekrae_cosmetologist on Instagram). Not only was Natalie incredibly sweet, she was also very knowledgeable and helped me understand a lot about the extensions. First, I scheduled a hair consultation with Natalie. The consultation lasted around 15-20 minutes and she used this time to understand what exactly I was looking for. She also color matched my hair with the extensions so she could order the right shade.

The extensions took about a week and a half to come in, so I scheduled my appointment for the following Saturday. The application process took around 4 hours BUT it was so relaxing. I almost fell asleep in the chair multiple times! The process of making the extensions look natural and blended is quite intricate and Natalie did an amazing job! She also was extremely easy to talk to which made the process more fun.

My Habit Hand-Tied Extensions Questions

I have never had extensions in my hair. Other than coloring my hair, I have never done anything to it outside of your average hair cut. You can imagine I was full of questions! Also, the beauty lover in my was naturally intrigued so I’m sure I came up with even more questions than the average human. Thankfully, Natalie answered every single one for me!

I’m sharing these questions with you today so if you’re not quite as lucky as I was when it comes to a knowledgeable stylist, you can still have this post as a resource. Understanding your habit hand-tied extensions will make them worth the investment!

How do hand-tied extensions work?

Habit hand-tied hair extensions are sewn into your hair. Natalie first put beads throughout my hair to sew the extensions into. She then placed the hair wefts with clips to visualize the hair before sewing. Lastly, she sewed 3 rows of wefts throughout my natural hair. The extensions do not damage your hair. In fact, many people see hair growth and improvement after using habit hand-tied extensions!

Since the extensions both thicken and lengthen your hair, they can be used for a variety of reasons. You can use them long-term to enhance your current head of hair. However, if you’re not interested in wearing them long-term, they can be used for a special event. They would be perfect for a wedding, the holiday season, or even to strengthen your natural hair for a few months.

What is the upkeep for hand-tied extensions?

The extensions are typically good for 8-10 weeks. After that time, you can take the hair out and return to your natural hair or get the wefts moved up. As your hair grows, the wefts will move further from your scalp.

It’s important to keep the hair healthy! The hair should be brushed regularly to avoid matting. You also should not sleep with wet extensions which could damage / mat them. Showering with enough time to air dry or blow drying the extensions is key!

I have not noticed any difficulties washing, drying, or styling the extensions. Depending on how many wefts you get, you should expect a slight increase in styling/washing time. For example, it usually took me 20 minutes to curl my hair but now it takes 25-30 minutes. Not a huge increase, but something to consider.

What products should be used with hand-tied extensions?

As mentioned before, it’s important to keep the extensions detangled and healthy. A detangling spray or leave in conditioner is perfect post shower. For shampoo, Natalie recommended using a moisturizing shampoo to keep the extensions hydrated. I picked up the Biologe moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, but left some of her other recommendations below. The most important thing is to use sulfate-free products!

How do hand-tied extensions compare to your natural hair?

At first, the hand-tied extensions were much softer than my natural hair. But as I’ve continued to wash and style my hair with the extensions, they have blended in with my natural hair. When I grab a piece, it is difficult to tell whether it’s my hair or the extensions!

You can style the extensions just as you would your natural hair. You can pull your hair up, work out, play with your hair… literally anything you regularly do!

How much do hand-tied extensions cost?

The cost of the extensions can vary depending on the quantity, the color, etc. It is best to confirm with your stylist but $75-100 per weft is pretty average. Natalie said an average head usually has anywhere from 3-6 wefts. If you’re trying to lengthen your hair, you should expect to use more wefts.

How to Find a Habit Hand-Tied Extension Stylist

First, if you are in the Chicagoland area contact Natalie! She is unbelievably accommodating and does amazing work. Her salon is in the suburbs and would be well worth the drive for amazing services. She often travels and could potentially accommodate you too! If you’re even considering getting extensions I’d recommend contacting her to ask any questions. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook!

If you are not in the Chicagoland area then I would recommend searching Instagram. Search locations, hashtags, and more to see if there is a stylist in your area. Ask your current stylist because they may be able to point you in the right direction too!

As always, reach out with any questions! If you’ve ever considered extensions for long-term wear or even for a special event, I hope you find this article helpful.


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