Natural Eyeshadow Look

A main reason I started this blog was my love for makeup. When I was younger, I could not wait to be able to wear makeup all day every day. I loved experimenting with makeup and finding new ways to enhance my God given features. One thing I studied a lot was how to apply eyeshadow. More specifically, how to achieve a natural eyeshadow look.

To be honest, I have never been a smokey eye girl. Although I love makeup, I’ve always gravitated towards more natural looks. Over the years, I’ve found my go-to natural eyeshadow look and I’m so excited to share it with you all today!

Natural Eyeshadow Look

Are you ready to learn the most basic, foolproof, natural eyeshadow look on the market?? I honestly believe anyone can achieve this look without being a beauty expert and without breaking the bank. You only need 3 colors!


You’ll only need 3 colors for this look which can usually be found in one palette. You’ll need a neutral tone, a dark tone, and a light tone. These colors can be warm or cool toned, depending on your preference. I stick to warm tones because I think they make blue eyes pop.


The order of application is important when doing your eyeshadow. I didn’t realize this when I first started applying eyeshadow, but as time went on I understood that this is crucial for your makeup to look great. If you disregard everything else I say, remember this: Apply your crease color first and blend, blend, blend! I cannot stress this enough.

The most important thing when applying eyeshadow is ensuring everything is smooth and blended. This starts with applying shadow in your crease. The crease blends the lid and the brow bone and can often be the most dramatic part. If you are confused about what any of this means, just trust me and apply your crease first.


Last, but certainly not least is the location you apply your shadow. Below is an image that should help lay it out for you. I’ve included the verbal steps too.

  1. Neutral tone in your crease
  2. Light tone on your lid and brow bone
  3. Dark tone on the outer corner

That is it!! This look will open up your eyes, take you less than 5 minutes, and make you feel comfortable and confident in your eyeshadow skills.


The eyeshadow palette and brushes I used are linked below. I’ll link some other eyeshadow palettes I love for your reference!

The Naked 2 Palette and the The Nudes Palette are two of my other favorite palettes!

Once you’re more comfortable, experiment with different shades, colors, and tones to see what you like best on you! I hope these tips help you be comfortably you when it comes to applying eyeshadow.


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