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The Best Facial I’ve Ever Had

Last weekend, I got a facial at Areve Revive Aesthetics (@areve_revive_aesthetics on Instagram) in Arlington Heights. Renata is the owner of the skin care studio and provides all of the services. All I can say is WOW! I have had a number of facials in my day, but none that ever compared to this.

The minute you walk in the door Renata is completely focused on you. I got a custom facial, meaning she tailored the facial to my specific needs. She went through a series of questions to learn about my skin struggles, history, products I use, and my skin goals. After she got a plan of action, we began!

A Facial Experience

The biggest thing that stood out to me about Renata’s facial compared to anyone else was the experience. Renata focused on more than your skin, she focused on providing a relaxing experience. You immediately walk in the room and she had soft music playing, low lighting, and a comfortable bed to lay on. During the facial, Renata spent time deep cleaning the skin similar to many other facials, but she also included a massage.

A hand, arm, and shoulder massage included with your custom facial. It was more relaxing than any other facial I have had. The ambiance at her skin care studio is extremely calming and peaceful and it was a perfect way to end a couple weeks of work travel.

Facial Extractions

Another selling point for me, Renata actually does extractions for you. If you don’t know, facial extractions are actually removing blackheads and gunk from your skin. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, but my nose always accumulates blackheads and I can never properly extract them. Other facials do not always include extractions. When Renata began extracting I was immediately in heaven! I knew this facial was unique and I noticed a difference immediately after.

A Knowledgeable Aesthetician

The last thing that stood out to me was Renata’s knowledge. She has been an aesthetician for years and it really showed. She immediately formulated my custom facial from a couple of questions. As she applied products to my face, she explained what it was, how it would feel, the purpose of using it, etc. I knew exactly was she was doing the whole time.

Additionally, she offers other, more intense facial services at her skin care studio. I’ve linked her website here so you can see all of the services offered. Renata offers chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more. BONUS: If there are any men reading this, she has services for you too!

If you are in the Chicagoland area, I recommend you schedule an appointment. A custom facial is $60 which is extremely reasonable and an amazing deal for the service provided. I’m moving to Chicago in May and I plan to continue seeing Renata in Arlington Heights. Her services are worth a 30-40 minute drive without a doubt.

Renata offers $15 off services for first time customers. $45 for a custom facial and complete relaxation. You’d be losing money by not trying it out.

Pictures from my Experience

These pictures are not the most glamorous pictures I have ever posted on my blog, however, I wanted to share some results. Below are pictures before, immediately after (glowing), and a week after. The results speak for themselves!

After Front View
After Side View
One Week After

If you are not in the Chicagoland area, I would recommend searching Instagram for an aesthetician near you. You can also call a local dermatology office for a recommendation.

I hope this post helps you understand facials a bit better. Facials can be for anyone, not just the acne-prone. The experience is relaxing, cleansing, and immediately makes your skin look refreshed!


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