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My Review of Workout Clothes Bought on Amazon

Finding comfortable, durable workout clothes can be challenging. Anyone who has ever bought a pair of leggings only to find out later that they are see through can relate to that! I’ve recently heard more and more about buying clothes on Amazon. I started searching and came to realize that the workout clothes had good reviews and reasonable prices. I decided to test out a whole workout outfit bought off Amazon and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. All of the items I shared about are linked (on the product name) so you can go straight to Amazon to see them!

Sports Bras

These sports bras are probably my favorite thing purchased. They were supportive and have padding which is nice for tighter workout shirts. Plus, I less than $15/sports bra is an amazing deal! The description of the product includes what size you should get based on your bra size which made it simple to purchase online. Mine fit perfectly based on their sizing chart. The pack of 3 came in grey, black, and a light blue.


A close second to the sports bras would be the leggings I got off Amazon. Leggings can range from $10-$90 depending on where you purchase them and the quality of them. In my opinion, leggings for less than $40.00 is a very reasonable price. They came in a bunch of different colors, but I chose to try the classic black. The price does vary based on the color and size you select, but they are all still reasonable. The leggings were a thicker material and passed the see through test (yay!) They reminded me of my Fabletics leggings and were very comfortable to workout in. These leggings are high waisted and came up to my belly button. My favorite part about these leggings is they have a side pocket and a pocket in the waistband. I have been spoiled with a side pocket which will make it hard to return to old leggings!

Workout Tank

The last thing I purchased from Amazon was a workout tank. This shirt was SO soft and comfortable to wear. It also has an open back which made it breathable while working out. This shirt had a variety of color selections. I chose the red because I don’t have many shirts in this color and it was in stock in my size. The shirt fit well and was a comfortable shirt to workout in. In comparison to the other two items I bought, it did not stand out as anything amazing. I would still recommend it if you’re looking for a nice workout shirt.

The workout clothes from Amazon impressed me. I plan to slowly replace my older clothes with the sports bras and leggings because I liked them so much! I recommend checking them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to comment on this post if you test them out and tag me in any photos you take. I’d love to hear how you like the clothing too!

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