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Wedding Guest Dress Guide

Can you believe I had 3 weddings in June?! I couldn’t believe it when I received all of the invites. Before this month, I had only been to a handful of weddings. I was a bit nervous, but also excited to begin shopping for the perfect dress to wear to each wedding.

When shopping for a wedding dress there were three things that were important to me:

  1. Cute & Appropriate: Obviously, I wanted to be in a classy outfit that was not too revealing and good quality, all while being an eye catching piece.
  2. Affordable: Weddings are expensive by nature and often times, quality dresses are too. With three weddings all in the same month, I did not want to break the bank on my outfit.
  3. Dance Friendly: I sure love to dance and weddings are the perfect place to bust a move! ๐Ÿ˜‰ When shopping for dresses, I wanted to find pieces I could dance in all night long without feeling uncomfortable. Have you ever worn a dress and spent the whole night just itching to take it off?! I have…and it is not fun. When shopping for the wedding guest dresses I made sure to keep this in mind.

Below I’ve put images (and links when I could) for the dresses I purchased for each wedding. I’ve included a description and my thoughts on each dress too! If you make it until the end, there will be BONUS dress ideas, as well as a wedding rehearsal dress idea.

Wedding Guest Dress #1

I wore this dress for the first wedding I attended this summer and it was probably my favorite dress. I thought the style was unique yet classy and I absolutely loved the wine red. Additionally, I loved that this was a midi dress. Sometimes bodycon dresses can be tricky because you constantly feel like you need to pull them down. With this dress length, I had no trouble with that…even when I was bustin’ a move! The dress is made with high quality, thick material that is still stretchy and comfortable, but does not show any undergarment lines. Overall, a great wedding guest dress option, true to size, and a dress that could be worn for another occasion.

*This dress is currently sold out in the wine red but is available in other color options.*

Jump to see why I love Lulus and how to get a great deal!

Wedding Guest Dress #2

Dress #2 was SO affordable and comfortable. I will absolutely be wearing this dress for another event in the future. This was a wrap dress from TjMaxx and was about $18 (AMAZING). It fit true to size and included a snap near the top so it was not too revealing. This dress is a soft, silk-like material that was so lightweight…perfect for those dance moves. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought the color and pattern added a perfect touch for summer. This was also more of a midi dress so I did not need to worry about flashing anyone. Unfortunately, I cannot link the exact dress I got but I will try to find similar ones for you.

Green Polka Dot Wrap Dress

Wedding Guest Dress #3

Last, but certainly not least, is wedding guest dress #3. Another great option, that could even be worn in the fall or on a chilly day with the sleeves. Similar to the other two dresses, this dress is extremely comfortable for a long day of wear. It is a bit shorter than the others, so I’d recommend wearing spandex or something underneath if you’re a big dancer like me. However, it is definitely not too short if you don’t want to wear spandex. It was fairly low cut so I actually took it to the dry cleaner to add a snap near the chest area for personal preference. Once I added that snap, it was a perfect fit. The dress is “wrapable” so you can adjust it as needed. It fits true to size and comes in other colors. I love the blue and I will be wearing this again!

BONUS Dress: Wedding Rehearsal Guest

Jack, my boyfriend, was actually a groomsman in the first wedding I attended. They invited all the wedding party’s plus ones to the wedding rehearsal too, so I had to pick out an additional dress for the festivities. Before then, I had never gone to a wedding rehearsal so I was unsure what to wear. This rehearsal was at the brides house on a warm summer day.

I decided to go with a comfortable summer dress, with a pop of color. This dress is from Old Navy and I absolutely LOVE the cut. It is so flattering and has a playful style in my opinion. This dress came in some other patterns, but I chose the black and white polka dot so I can spice it up with a fun color. I also thought the black and white would be transitional to different seasons. Even though this is technically a sun dress, I believe it could be dressed up for any wedding rehearsal!

You can shop this dress in the FREE 21 buttons app. All you do is download the app and make an account. Once you’ve done that just follow @megmatable. It is 100% free to use and it is an easy way to shop any of my looks!

I had SO much fun shopping for wedding guest dresses and attending weddings this summer. I’m at the age where I will be attending many weddings each year. I’m so excited for this chapter of my life and I’m glad I could share these dresses with you! I hope I can help inspire you to find wedding guest dresses that make you comfortably you. Below I’m sharing why I love Lulus and a link to some additional wedding guest inspo if you need it ๐Ÿ™‚


Lulus 101

I’ve shared on my Instagram stories a few reasons why I absolutely love Lulus, but I thought I’d give you a run down in case you missed it. Since I’m sharing two dresses from their website, I thought this would be a perfect time.

  • Lulus categories make shopping SO simple. They actually have a wedding guest dress category which is where I found the two dresses I bought. It makes knowing what is appropriate so simple.
  • Their reviews are tremendously helpful! A lot of the customer reviews include photos and details about sizing. Almost everything on their website has some real customer insight into sizing, fit, etc. This makes online shopping so simple.
  • They have options in many different price ranges. You can find dresses that are closer to $100+, or dresses closer to the $50 price range like mine. If you spend the time searching, they will have options you can afford.
  • Students get a discount! If you sign up as a student, you can get a regular discount shopping on their site. You can also get a discount through the Pocket Points app. (If you have questions about the app, just email me
  • Lastly, Lulus is a one stop shop. They have clothes of all kinds, shoes, jewelry, and more! If you need a whole outfit, you can get it there. The more you spend, the better their discounts. If you need a whole outfit, that is the way to do it.

Additional Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

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