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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation

Today I’m heading to Florida for some sunshine and Spring Break! I’m excited to be on vacation relaxing with my best gal pals. Being healthy and achieving your goals on vacation can be challenging. If you’re by the beach all day, you’re likely not being very active and sometimes vacations bring a lot of eating out. I’ve thought of a few ways I can be healthy this Spring Break while still having fun.

First, I will be in Florida for 6 days and my goal is to be active at least half of that time. I will not be following my typical workout routine, but I do want to maintain my usual activity. We are planning to go hiking, biking, and maybe even a run on the beach! Each of these activities will allow us to site see and enjoy the town while getting some exercise in. Planning active activities is the best way to get a workout in without feeling like your wasting your vacation. No one wants to spend their trip at the gym!

I am lucky enough to be staying in a home where we can cook. This gives us the chance to make meals that aren’t as greasy as restaurants. I’ll be able to eat as I typically do with enjoying a few meals out. It may just be me, but I feel like vacations come with extra snacking. I will definitely be enjoying these extra snacks but I plan to pay attention to my portions. Blind snacking is the most dangerous and that can be easy when you’re relaxing on vacation. When I do eat out, I plan to enjoy my meals in a new town and indulge in all they have to offer! If they have a decadent desert I can’t pass up, I’ll most definitely be getting it. After all, I may never be back. The key for me this week will be balance! I plan to maintain my healthy lifestyle while enjoying the town I’m in.

Lastly, on a sunny day nothing tastes better than ice cold lemonade. Vacation and warmth can tend to increase the amount of sugary beverages we drink. I don’t plan to deprive myself of these sweet drinks. Instead I’m planning to monitor my intake of these drinks and balance them out with water. Staying hydrating is always important, but especially on vacation when you’re not in your regular routine.

Traveling can be a lot of fun but it can also make it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I try to think of ways to stay active and healthy on vacation so I physically feel good when I return home. Let me know ways you maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling on social media!

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