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2019 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Men's Holiday Gift Guide

If you are shopping for a man this holiday season, have no fear. I’ve done some brainstorming for you to keep your shopping stress free! Even if you don’t think your man will like one of the gift ideas I suggest, I hope at the very least this men’s gift guide helps YOU get your creative juices flowing.

I tried to keep the ideas affordable to fit anyone’s budget. If you have a larger budget, get your man a combo of the items listed below. I took suggestions from my boyfriend and my brothers. It’s their first time contributing to the blog so I hope you guys like it 😉

All my holiday gift giving tips are saved to the “holidays” highlight on my Instagram!

Custom Grill Utensil Set

Growing up, my mom was the chef of the house. However, I know a lot of men like to grill, including some of the men in my life. A simple, thoughtful men’s gift would be what I would call a cool set of grilling utensils. Both of my brothers played hockey, and they happen to make hockey grilling utensils. This is a creative gift idea that is still extremely practical. I linked a custom grilling set but I’ll link the hockey set here as well.

Yeti Colster

You can not go wrong with getting something made by Yeti. The Yeti beer can holder has become a necessity for the men in my life. However, if your guy isn’t a big beer drinker they have so many other options. Coffee tumblers, mugs, and more! Many of their beverage items are affordable, making them a perfect gift. Dick’s Sporting Goods always has the most consistent and affordable prices for Yeti.

JBL Speaker

Is your guy a music lover?! Do not think twice about getting him a bluetooth speaker! This gift is more of a splurge but it is my boyfriends favorite speaker. He loves being the DJ and this speaker has a long battery life, good sound quality, and is portable.


Are you even surprised about this one? When in doubt, pick out a nice scent for any man in your life. Even if you are not dating this man, any guy appreciates cologne a woman picked out. Receiving cologne from a woman guarantees it smells attractive (to at least one woman) whether he is your man or not. I’ve linked a recommendation from my brother here!


If you recently started seeing somebody and don’t want to go crazy on a gift, get him slippers. My boyfriend probably goes through a pair of slippers every year and after almost 6 years of dating, I bet he would still appreciate this gift. They are simple to pick out, do not cost very much, and are “low risk” in terms of gift giving. Worst case he wears them a few times and moves on. If you live somewhere cold, I guarantee he’ll get more than a few uses out of them.

Last on my list this year is a homemade blanket. If your guys is a sports lover, make him a blanket for his favorite sports team. I’ve made one for my brother, my boyfriend, and one of my girl friends and to my knowledge, they all loved them! The felt makes for a cozy blanket and who doesn’t love supporting their favorite team?! I hope you enjoy this super cute picture of my pup on the blanket as I was making it. Apparently, dogs love this gift too! 😉

I hope this ideas sparked you to figure out what you need to get the men in your life this year! Like I said, even if you don’t want to buy anything on this list, I hope one idea leads to another. Having a stress free holiday season will help you be comfortably you. Happy shopping!


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