2020 Resolutions #IGotGoals

Almost 10 years ago my family started a tradition of making New Years resolutions together. We each make 5 resolutions and grade ourselves at the end of the year. Our significant others have now been roped into this tradition and it has become quite fun! We celebrate our successes and laugh at our failures, usually, we’re all a bit too ambitious on January 1st. Today, I’m sharing my 2020 Resolutions with all of you and explaining why I set these goals. I’m also going to share a few blog related goals I’ve set for myself outside of my personal goals because #IGotGoals.

It’s important to set goals and work towards something throughout the year. If you don’t achieve all of your goals, that’s okay! What counts is the effort and vision you create for yourself to always try to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

If you’re interested, join me in setting goals this year. Pick 5 things you want to improve in yourself / your life and create your own 2020 resolutions. At the end of the year, you can go back and reflect on how you did with me. Share your goals with me on Instagram by tagging @megmatable in your stories and use the hashtag #IGotGoals!

2020 Resolutions

Personal Resolutions

1. Workout 3-4x per week

Working out is always something I try to be consistent with. I don’t work out to lose weight or even to change my body much, I genuinely do it because it makes me feel good and strong. Working out gives me energy, helps me sleep, and makes me feel productive, all while keeping me fit and healthy! Since starting work, it has been hard to keep a consistent routine. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to maintain the routine I started getting into towards the end of 2019.

2. Work towards a promotion and/or raise at work

This 2020 resolution is slightly out of my control, however, it does not mean I can’t work towards it. Company promotions and raises are largely dependent on the structure of your company, your company’s revenue, and more. At the end of the day, the only thing I can control is my work ethic and quality of work I deliver.

My goal is to work hard and prove myself as a newer employee. If the promotion or raise does not come in 2020, that is a-okay. That is just the level of effort I want to put into my job each and every day.

3. Drink alcohol only on the weekends

I love a good glass of wine after a long day of work, but I started feeling like I was having alcohol every day of the week. With a happy hour here or there, a glass of wine with dinner, then a few drinks on the weekend, I realized I was drinking fairly often. Our bodies digest alcohol differently. We don’t break down the sugar and carbs from alcohol the same way we do with other food so it lingers in our systems for a while.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine every night with dinner, but I personally did not want to put alcohol in my body every day of the week. I don’t feel as though I had a drinking problem, I just realized how present alcohol is in our lives. I wanted to save my drinking for special occasions or after a long week. To make that sip of wine feel more like a celebration or a reward. Not to mention, it will be healthier for my body.

Now, I do not expect myself to be perfect. If I meet a friend for dinner it’s possible I will enjoy a glass of wine with her! I’m planning to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to this one, for reasons I’m sure you understand.

4. Learn 5 songs on any instrument

Growing up, I played the piano and violin. In college, I bought a ukulele and recently I’ve gotten a guitar. I have always loved learning and playing music as a hobby. I’m not very good by any means but I truly get so excited when I learn a new song. As I’ve gotten busier with work and life, this is definitely a hobby that gets put on the back burner. For 2020, I’d like to push myself to learn at least 5 songs on any of my instruments. 5 may not seem like a lot, but I barely touched my instruments in 2019 so 5 will be a success for me!

5. Go to church once per week and read a weekly devotional

Last, but certainly not least, I have faith resolutions. In 2019, I made it my goal to go to church once a week. This is something my family did as I was growing up, but as we all go older, that tradition faded. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think it is so important to be thankful. Taking time out of our busy lives to be grateful and appreciate all we have in our lives is something we should all do.

I was fairly successful in 2019, so I’d like to continue going to church once a week and incorporate a weekly devotional. Focusing on my faith helps improve my attitude and outlook in many situations. I want to continue bringing this positivity in my life and I hope I can spread positivity into other’s lives too.

Blog Resolutions

1. Use a content calendar each month

I started my blog in 2019 as a hobby and I’ve loved it. Sure, I’ve had ups and downs with it and sometimes, I question why I started it in the first place. At the end of the day, I enjoy doing it and love helping you all. I want to be more consistent and strategic with my blog in 2020. A content calendar will help me organize what I want to share in advance. I will still share day-to-day activities with y’all but I want to help you as much as possible with quality content.

2. Reach 5k followers on Instagram

Over the last year, I’ve seen a lot of growth on Instagram! Instagram is the primary platform where I can engage with all of YOU! I get the most feedback on Instagram, the most questions, and it’s where I can share the most content. In 2020, I’m setting a goal to reach 5,000 followers. That means more of you that I can engage with 🙂

3. Start vlogging

This 2020 resolution is a bit far fetched. I have not decided if I will share these vlogs on YouTube or anything, but I primarily want to start creating videos as memories for myself. Growing up, my parents made family videos on different vacations, sporting events, activities, etc. I have loved watching these videos as an adult even though I don’t remember half the things that were filmed. My brothers and I find the videos quite entertaining!

I’m not planning to have kids in the near future, but I want my children to have the same videos I did. In a world full of social media, pictures are never an issue and a collection of home videos now lives on random cellphone captures. I want a camera (not on my phone) to capture these memories! I want to be able to put them together into series or chunks of time to truly make home videos. So whether or not I post these videos, I want to start making regular videos for my own sake.

4. Post new articles weekly

When I first started my blog, I tried to post a new article each week. After starting my full time job, I definitely let that consistency slip. In 2020, I plan to be better at posting weekly to establish consistency on my website! I know some of you only come here to read and don’t necessarily keep up with me on social media so I want to provide for all of you regularly.

5. Be more public and confident with blogging

Last, but certainly not least for the blog, I want to become more public and confident with my blog. Blogging has become a saturated market and can be associated with a lot of negative impressions. I’ll admit, this intimidates me at times and prevents me from sharing my blog with others. My goal in 2020 is to overcome this fear and embrace it! I plan to be more confident when creating Insta stories, taking blog pics, and all the semi-awkward things I find myself doing to create content. I want to embrace those things because all of those are what make up the blog that I love having so much!

I’ve created a template above for you to share your 2020 resolutions with me on social media. If you use it, be sure to tag @megmatable and use the hashtag #IGotGoals! Thanks so much for all the support in 2019, I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!


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