What it means to “Be Comfortably You”

When I first started my blog, I came up with the slogan “Be Comfortably You.” My intention with this slogan is to inspire people to be comfortable and confident with who they are. I want my readers to celebrate their successes and failures. I want them to be learning new things that help enhance an aspect of their life. Most importantly, I want my readers to establish a community full of positivity and support.

You might be wondering, how does any of that relate to the content I’ve been sharing? I’ve been thinking about the best way to explain this to all of you and I hope I’ve finally found the way.

I believe there are two main ways to instill confidence in people. First, through motivational quotes, messages, stories, etc. Some people get really fired up through verbal encouragement and positivity. In fact, that’s probably the first thing you think of when you think of boosting someone’s confidence. However, I also believe you can build someone’s confidence through lessons. I’m sure you’ve heard knowledge is power, but I think it’d be safe to say knowledge is confidence too.

How Lessons Build Confidence

As I was brainstorming how to explain this, the idea of makeup kept popping in my mind. My interest in the blogging industry actually began when I started watching YouTube videos of people applying makeup. I could watch videos for hours learning new ways to blend foundation, apply eyeshadow, contour the face, and so much more. Makeup to me was an art and something I loved. I began experimenting with my own makeup and trying new products to find things that worked for me.

You may think, wearing makeup is not you being comfortably you. Makeup may seem “fake” or “superficial”, leading you to believe someone is not comfortable in their own skin. While this may be the case for some, I strongly disagree for many others. Makeup can enhance a woman’s natural features and instill a new level of confidence in them you may have never seen before.

After watching hours of videos and experimenting, I got really good at applying my own makeup (or at least I like to think I did). Each time I put makeup on, I felt powerful, strong, and confident. Applying the lessons I learned helped make me comfortably me each day. In college, I got to a point where I found myself actually not wearing makeup more than I was wearing makeup.

That’s when I realized, the makeup was just a stepping stone to find the confidence I had in myself all along.

It transformed my attitude and the way I carried myself. When the makeup was washed away, the transformation wasn’t.

What does that mean for you?

This does not mean you need to wear makeup to be comfortably you. I actually encourage you to not wear makeup whenever you can!What it does mean though, is you can take the lessons I share an apply them to your life. You can use my lessons to feel empowered and to build confidence in yourself each day.

These lessons I’ve learned (and are still learning) are things that help me be comfortably me. The products and things I share are meant to help transform your attitude the same way makeup helped transform mine. Not every blog post will inspire you, perhaps you could care less about makeup and fashion. Luckily for you, I plan to share a variety of lessons in the hopes at least one will resonate with you. That way you can become more comfortably you, inside and out, every day.


*Disclaimer for my young readers out there: if makeup interests you, play around with it at home 🙂 My mom didn’t want me wearing makeup until at least high school. Waiting did not impact the woman I’ve become, so just listen to your mom, I promise it will be worth it.*

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