How To Curl Your Hair

I’ve tried many different methods of curling my hair, and I still like switching it up from time to time, but I always find my way back to one method. The method to curl your hair I’m sharing today has stuck with me for the past 4-5 years and I’ve fine tuned it over time.

All hair types are different so it is likely you will need to make some adjustments to curl your own hair, but the products share should work for everyone. I personally feel like the products I use is what has made this routine such a staple style.

Products Used:

Step 1: Brush and Section Your Hair

The first thing I do before I curl my hair is brush through it and section it off. I typically curl my hair in 3 different sections. I feel like this helps me ensure I don’t miss any pieces and ultimately makes it go faster because my process is organized. Although it may sound obvious, brushing through your hair is important too to make sure no pieces are laying funky.

Step 2: Curl Your Hair

After you’ve brushed and sectioned your hair, I begin curling it. There are three things that help my hair hold the curl and make it look more relaxed.

  1. First, is the curling iron. I use the Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron. This iron has gold plates which helps evenly heat your hair and lock in the curl. It also has a tangle-free cord which helps you rotate the curling iron with ease. I have used other curling irons and this is hands down the best I’ve used!
  2. Second, I curl my hair in different directions for each curl. I always curl the front pieces away from my face, but every other piece I alternate. This helps make sure the curls don’t clump together throughout the day.
  3. The third thing I do is leave the ends out. Leaving the ends out has made such a difference when I curl my hair! It has a much softer look and gives more of a beachy vibe which I love.

The curling iron, alternating directions, and leaving the ends out helps my hair lock in the curl but makes sure it is a more relaxed curl. I use the clamp on the curling iron because I personally think it is faster! I have also used this curling iron as a wand and that works too, so the iron can act as both for you (if you have a preference).

Step 3: Spray and Brush Your Curls

The final step to my curling routine is to spray and brush your curls. After I finish a curl, I do not touch it. I let it rest and cool in its final position. After I’ve completed my whole head, I will hairspray everything without touching it. I then take a wide tooth comb and brush out everything. I then spray it one more time. Two layers of hairspray gives the curls extra hold and brushing with the wide tooth comb separates the curl so they fall more natural.

Tips if Your Hair Doesn’t Hold Curls Well:

  1. Put a texturizing spray in your hair or curl it dirty. If you have dry shampoo, texturizing spray, or dirty hair, your hair will have a bit more grip and hold the curl better.
  2. Try different hairsprays! Hairspray is ultimately what helps lock in the curl at the end of the day. Research different hairsprays and test them until you find one that works for you. Not all products work the same for everyone so it’s important to test things until you find your go-to products.
  3. Change your iron. The curling iron I shared is designed to lock in curls and evenly heat your hair, but not all irons are designed to do that. If your curls aren’t staying, there’s a chance that curling iron doesn’t work well for your hair. I have 2-3 other irons but nothing holds my curls as well as when I use the gold plated iron.

I hope I was able to share some tips / tricks to help you with curling your hair. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I love helping YOU find what works best for YOU. I’ll also be sharing a time lapse video of me actually curling my hair on my Instagram and Facebook. Check that out if you’d like to visualize the process a bit more.

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