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Morning and Night Skincare Routine

Skincare routine

Hey y’all! I’m back today with another beauty related post. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you may have seen some of the products I’ll be sharing today. I mention them in my Top 4 Holy Grail Skincare Products and The Best Lotion for Dry and Sensitive Skin. Today, I’m sharing how I incorporate these products in my daily skincare routine. You may think it’s excessive to use all the products I’m sharing today. However, I always prioritize skincare. All of these steps are worth it in my eyes!

The routine I’m sharing with you today I’ve been following for a few months. It keeps my skin glowy and healthy, and it’s maintainable. In addition, both my morning and nighttime skincare routine take about 5-10 minutes making them easy to fit in every day. As I walk you through my routine, I’ll highlight some products that I have made a huge impact for me!



I start my skincare routine with a gentle, refreshing cleanser. I’ve tried other cleansers but I always come back to the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. Whether you feel it, your skin can get dirty in your sleep from sweat, your pillow, touching your hair, etc. This cleanser does a great job of rinsing away those impurities to start you day with fresh skin!


Next, I use a toner and recently, I’ve been loving Thayer’s Witch Hazel in the spray bottle. I mist this on my face which cools my skin and makes me feel more awake. Incorporating toner into your routine will balance your skin and make “no makeup” days a regular part of your life! Finally, I will say, spritzing my face every morning is quite refreshing.

Aczone Gel

After toner, I apply a serum. The one I’m sharing is actually a prescription serum my dermatologist told me to use. I’ve linked two products I like to use when I run out of my prescription, since everyone can’t get Aczone. For some reason, this prescription varies A LOT in pricing. I will sometimes go a few months without using it when it’s too expensive. When I don’t use it I use the Paula’s Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment or a serum from Michael Todd. The serum I previously used is no longer sold, but I linked one I would purchase in the future!


Lastly, I finish every morning with moisturizer. I’ve shared the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer before and I will continue sharing it in years to come. I’ve gone through many bottles of this stuff and I swear by it. It moisturizers without making your skin oily/shiny and it has never made me breakout or irritated. It’s the perfect consistency and it has SPF, making those “no makeup” days a more regular part of my life.


Remove Makeup & Cleanse

As night rolls around, I pay close attention to my skin. I make sure I thoroughly remove all my makeup and any impurities from the day. I recently switched from using a makeup wipe to using Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. This product is a much gentler method to remove my makeup and it’s significantly more hydrating. I apply this to my dry skin and it does a great job of rinsing away all my makeup. If you use this, you do not need to cleanse after. However, I like to deep clean my skin so I use a cleanser in addition to this. Although it’s not advertised to be a wrinkle preventing product, I’ve heard people are convinced this product helped with wrinkles!

After I wash away my makeup, I use the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. Hands down, this is one of the best facial cleansers. You can feel how refreshed and clean your skin is after using this product. I’m convinced this product is what makes my skin look glowy and healthy. If you have acne prone skin you NEED this in your life!


I tone again at night after cleansing my skin. I’ve previously shared the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner in my Top 4 Holy Grail Skincare ProductsYou can read more about it in that article, but I love how clean this product makes my skin feel. My pores truly feel refined after using this ;).


If you haven’t noticed, my nighttime skincare routine follows a similar trend to my morning skincare routine. After toner, comes serum. The Paula’s Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment is a great product to be proactive. It’s a product that helps treat pimples before they even hit the surface. This step could be skipped and you can just spot treat if a pimple arrives. However, it only adds maybe an extra 30 seconds so I think it’s worth doing regularly.


Last but certainly not least, I moisturize my skin. I love love love the Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost lotion. It is lightweight but very moisturizing. It also smells refreshing and is a great product to apply to your skin just before you sleep. If I have a breakout, I apply a spot treatment after moisturizer to conclude my nighttime skincare routine. I shared my favorite spot treatment in my Top 4 Holy Grail Skincare Products post.

If you’re new to skincare or are looking for new products, I hope you found that in this post. I love skincare (if you couldn’t tell) and I loved sharing this with you! Reach out to me if you have any questions, I’d love to help. As always, thanks for reading and supporting my blog, it means the world to me!

I hope you’re one step closer to being comfortably you.

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