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6 Amazon Tops for Everyday

6 Amazon Tops

Your votes came in and Amazon Tops won! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may be a bit confused. I had a request to review Amazon fashion, so I used Instagram’s poll feature to see what YOU all wanted to see most. “Casual tops” was the winner so I began my hunt. I looked for everyday items and a few that could be transitional from day to night. My last criteria was affordability! No one wants to break the bank on a shirt they will be wearing around the house or to the grocery store.

The 6 Amazon tops are described below. I’ve included the links for everything to make your shopping simple ๐Ÿ™‚ If you purchase a top shared, be sure to post it on social media. Tag @megmatable and use the hashtag #becomfortablyyou.

Overall Review of all Amazon Tops

Every top came within a week of purchasing! I did not test out the “Prime wardrobe” feature where you can have a 7 day trial before paying for the clothing. Since Amazon returns are so simple, I’d rather just pay upfront for the clothes. Each top came in other colors too. You can pick a color that best suits you. All the tops seemed to match the online description and fit true to size (TTS).

Amazon Top 1
Sunshine and Whiskey Short Sleeve

The first shirt and probably my favorite was the Sunshine and Whiskey Short Sleeve. This shirt is SO soft and I am obsessed with the color combo. The shirt fit TTS and was a high quality shirt. In my opinion, it matched the image and description online perfectly. If you haven’t heard the song Sunshine & Whiskey, I added it below for you to enjoy.

Amazon Top 2
Boho Floral Tank

The next top was this gorgeous floral tank. I’ll admit, this was the top I was most nervous about because the color seemed very vibrant online. However, when it came in it was not an “in your face” yellow. To me, it seems like a perfect color for summer to accentuate a tan. This top also fit TTS and matched the description online. If yellow isn’t your color, it came in other less vibrant colors as well. I did notice there were a few stray strings on the stitching of this tank, but after cutting some off it didn’t seem to be an issue.

Amazon Top 3
Short Sleeve V-Neck

Third, we have this new closet staple! This Short Sleeve V-Neck is a top you can wear for everyday errands and look put together, yet be super comfy. It came in many different colors so you can stock up on whichever match your style. This top fit TTS, matched the description, and was a great quality v-neck. Bonus: this top was SUPER affordable.

Amazon Top 4
Blouse Button Down

Next up is the Floral Blouse Button Down. I loved this one because you could wear it out and about for errands or if you had a lunch/dinner in the summer time. You can throw a jean jacket over this too for those chilly evenings. Similar to the others, I believe it fit TTS and matched the online look/description. Like the other tank top, there were a few stray strings. After cutting them off though, I had no issues.

Amazon Top 5 & 6
Amazon Essentials 2-Pack V-Neck

Last but certainly not least, was the 2-Pack Amazon Essential V-Necks. First, what an amazing deal! You would not believe how affordable these two tops were. Second, they were super soft and great quality. They fit TTS and matched the description. If you’re not into the camo/stripe combo, they had plain options as well. There is also a 2-Pack Amazon Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck, if the V-Neck is not your thang either. Literally, options for everyone. Finally, these qualified for the Prime Wardrobe feature if you’re interested in trying that.

Would I buy Amazon Tops again in the future?

ABSOLUTELY. I was so surprised with the quality and prices of all of these tops. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now. They wash and dry well and have already become staples in my wardrobe. They are great for day to day wear to make you look put together. If I were you, I’d run to go purchase these tops now! If you’re expecting designer clothing, you will be disappointed. However, if you want some closet staples to wear every day…these tops are for YOU.

I hope these tops can bring you one step closer to being comfortably you!

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