Are Amazon Shoes Worth Buying?

I am officially Amazon obsessed. Whether it is clothing, skincare, or random things around the house, I will get it from Amazon. Everything I have gotten is affordable, good quality, and comes so quickly. The clothing items I bought impressed me, which made me wonder if I could find affordable shoes from there too. I bought three pairs of shoes from Amazon and I’m leaving my thoughts below.

Three Pairs of Amazon Shoes

The picture shows the three pairs of shoes I tested from Amazon. I got a dressy pair, a casual pair, and what I consider an in-between pair, something I could dress up or down. Each pair was under $35 and was available on Prime. There were multiple color options for each too. The real question is, were they worth saving some money and buying online?

Pair 1: The Nude Heels

The first pair of shoes I bought and wore were nude heels. I have a pair of heels just like this in black and they are my go-to shoes for all events! I feel like they go well with every outfit. Naturally, I wanted a nude pair too. When these first came in, they were a little big. I debated on just returning them or exchanging them for a half size down. Knowing how often I wore my black pair, I figured it’d be worth exchanging them. Plus, Amazon returns are SO easy. They package everything and print the labels for you. The return was so simple and the 7.5’s arrived within 2 days.

I’m usually an 8 but the 7.5’s ended up fitting perfect in these shoes. I wore them to two different weddings and my feet definitely hurt by the end of the night. However, they did not give me any blisters and they didn’t hurt much more than other heels their height.

My overall rating:
Price: 4/5
Comfortability: 3/5
Style: 5/5

Despite the pain by the end of the night, I still plan to wear these shoes as much as possible. Like I said, they go with every outfit I’ve ever tried them with! I’d say so far we are 1/3 for Amazon shoes.

Pair 2: The Black Espadriles
Amazon Black Espadrille

The second pair bought and worn were the black espadrilles. These shoes were very affordable which gave me a chance to see if I was a fan of the espadrille trend. I absolutely loved these.

I wore them on Father’s day, to a friend’s birthday in downtown Chicago, and to the John Mayer concert. They were worn for extended periods of time and they were amazing! They fit true to size and were extremely comfortable. I also feel like they are a bit dressier, but not too fancy if you know what I mean.

These shoes are on Amazon prime and come in a variety of colors / patterns. They are a perfect way to test out espadrille’s with a smaller price tag.

My overall rating:
Price: 4.5/5
Comfortability: 5/5
Style: 4/5

I’d rate these above the nude heels, making us 2/3 for the Amazon shoe finds.

Pair 3: The Grey Slip Ons
Amazon Slip On

I had a pair of black Vans that looked similar to these shoes and I wore those shoes to their death. I absolutely loved how comfortable and simple they were for every day. However, it was time to put those shoes to rest because they experienced some wear and tear, but I wanted to replace them.

I found these shoes on Amazon that were much more affordable than my Vans. I decided to give them a shot and see if I’d love them just as much. I’ve now worn them to a car show, for a day of errands, and more. I’d say they were comparable to my Vans and I love them just as much.

These are casual, easy, every day shoes that don’t have a hefty price tag on them. They are comfortable and come in many colors, making them perfect for any person. When I wore these, I actually had a blister from an old pair of ballet flats. These shoes did not irritate my blister at all, which was a huge win!

My overall rating:
Price: 5/5
Comfortability: 5/5
Style: 5/5

These sneakers may have been the winner of all three Amazon shoes I tested. They put us at 3/3 for recommended shoes bought off Amazon.

Are the Amazon Shoes Worth It?

Not all three pairs of shoes are “must-have” wardrobe items, but I was impressed with all of them. If you’re searching for a pair of shoes like any of these, I’d try them out. When I shop on Amazon, I pay attention to the reviews to try to find items that will work for me. I had success with all of these, but that doesn’t mean all Amazon shoes will be worth it. You’ll just have to try and see for yourself if they’ll work for you!

Amazon most likely won’t be a new go-to shoe store, however, I hope these reviews help guide you if you want to purchase shoes from there. All the shoes are linked in this article and will be linked in the 21 buttons app. Affordable shoes help me be comfortably me and hopefully will help you be comfortably you too!


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