Last week on stories I asked what kind of post you’d want to see for my birthday. I know it’s very common to see “23 facts about me” or “23 things I’ve learned” for people’s birthdays, so I wanted to make sure you were getting information you actually wanted to read. YOU all chose to read a Q&A from me!

I’ve never done a Q&A on my blog, but I’m sure over time I will do more. This will be a great way to get the ball rolling on topics you’re curious about and I plan to expand this article in the future. As always, continue asking any questions you have for me!

Q: What do you recommend for fighting static-y hair this winter?

A: There are 2 simple things that help me fight static-y hair. Number 1, wash your hair less! As you may notice with your skin, every wash makes it a bit drier. The same is true for you hair! The longer you can go in between washes, the less dry it will be and the less static-y it will be. Dry shampoo and up do’s will be your BFF until your hair is trained to go 2-3 days between washes.

Number 2, and even easier than number 1 in my opinion, is run freshly lotioned hands through your hair. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly putting lotion on my hands during the winter. After rubbing it all in, just run you hands through your hair and BAM, the static is gone. Do this throughout the day and you’ll have no problems.

Q: What is your favorite & least favorite part about blogging?

A: I’ll start with my least favorite so I can then end this question on a high note. Because I work an 8-5 full time job, it can be difficult to get the content prepped and ready for my blog, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I try to snap pictures on the weekend, but then I don’t feel like I’m providing real every day content and it’s more posed. However, getting every day content while working a full time job does not seem practical. I’m still trying to work out a balance for myself, but this is the hardest / least favorite part about blogging for me. There’s no ideal situation.

On the flip side, my absolute favorite part about blogging is helping all of you! I’m not an expert on the topics I write about, to be honest, nobody is. But it makes so me unbelievably happy when I get feedback saying a post was helpful / a good resource for one of YOU. It may sound cliche, but it’s the truth.

My blog has also been something that has helped myself. When I first started this blog, it was a hobby that would help fill up some free time. Now, I realize it’s a lot more work than I ever imagined, but it keeps me busy. I need to be busy by nature and having this blog often holds me accountable. I write a post because I said I would, so I coordinate my schedule accordingly. I’m currently doing a December exercise challenge which is helping hold me accountable to my regular routine during this crazy holiday season. Without always realizing it, my blog helps me just as much as it might help some of you.

Q: How did you start your blog?

A: Honestly, I just went for it. I started with my Instagram and website, then expanding creating a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Mailing list for readers, email, literally all the things. Now, I primarily focus on my website, Instagram, and Pinterest. They were the most successful platforms for me. Although I still have my other platforms and leverage them from time to time, they are not a primary focus.

If you’re planning to start a blog, I’d say just do it and learn as you go. Pick a few key topics you want to write about and start your focus there. You can adapt your niche as you go. One thing I didn’t do and still struggle to do is plan content in advance, establish a strategy, and really focus / treat your blog like a business. I’m still working on this but having a plan and goals will ultimately make your blog even better. If you have more questions as you go, please reach out to me and I’ll always be happy to help!

Q: Who is your favorite brother?

A: I debated not answering this one, but what the heck?! It was requested for my Q&A so why not? I do not have a favorite brother. I rely on them both for different things. When my car is making a funny noise or I have financial concerns, Joe, my middle brother is my go-to guy. On the flip side, Mike was the one who helped me set up my blog, with hosting, SSL, and all the tech things I didn’t quite understand. He is also my golf buddy. 9 times out of 10 if I ask him to go golf with me, he’ll probably respond with our tee time.

I could never pick a favorite between the 2 of them! They both help me in so many different ways and they both have one thing in common. They strengthened me and toughened me up when I was a young girl. Not only did they pick on me, they put me in as goalie when they had to practice their slap shots. I appreciate that every day.

Q: Where does “MEGMATABLE” come from?

A: In college, all of my friends called me MegMat because it was my personal Instagram handle. Literally, everyone called me that and it became weird for me to be called Megan. When I decided to create a blog, I wanted to make a spin off of MegMat because at the time, that was truly my identity (insert laughing emoji here). I used some blog name generator, entered a few key words about the purpose of my blog and MEGMATABLE was spit out. It was my name, MegMat, mixed with the word relatable.

My goal with this blog is to write about things you can relate to, things YOU actually want to read about. From skincare, to makeup, to new recipes, I want to be a resource for topics you find yourself looking up regularly. I also plan to share my routines / opinions, not to prove I’m an expert, but to share with you new ideas and ways to do things.

Q: What are you goals for 23?

A: The final question for today’s post has to do with my goals for the next year. My goals are not set in stone just yet, but I listed a few below to share.

  • Move out of my parents house and live on my own
  • Pass my exams at work
  • Create a blog content calendar each month
  • Do another run (I’ve previously ran a half marathon and I’d like to do something else that requires me to train, set goals, etc.) Ideas welcome!

For now, that’s all I’ve got in this Q&A. Any other questions that come to mind, ask away and I’ll be happy to answer!! I hope knowing a bit more about me can be relatable and let me know if you want more Q&As in the future.


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