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    6 Amazon Tops for Everyday

    Your votes came in and Amazon Tops won! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may be a bit confused. I had a request to review Amazon fashion, so I…

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    How To Curl Your Hair

    I’ve tried many different methods of curling my hair, and I still like switching it up from time to time, but I always find my way back to one method. The…

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    The Best Lotion for Dry and Sensitive Skin

    I have always had sensitive skin and within the past few years, I’ve begun getting dry patches too. This led me to search for the best lotion for dry and sensitive…

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    Easter Brunch Monkey Bread

    Happy Easter Weekend! Today I tested out an Easter brunch recipe that I thought I’d share. I’m leaving the recipe here for you to try it out this weekend if you’re…

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    Top 4 Holy Grail Skincare Products

    The most requested topic for this months posts was hands down skincare! I was so excited you all wanted to hear about taking care of your skin because this is something…

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    Simple Healthy Meal

    One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to cook your own meals. You know exactly what is going into the meal and can make modifications to match your goals.…