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My MAJOR announcement is here!! I’m launching MEGMATABLE merch for anybody to order! If you haven’t noticed, I have a new logo on my website which is now on the merchandise.

I’ve created merch for a couple of reasons:
  1. To help spread the word and promote my blog. If you wear/use the merchandise and someone notices, it’d be a great way to help people find my website.
  2. To be a reminder to be comfortably yourself. My goal is to help people find ways to enhance an area of their life they dwell on; to help them be more comfortably themselves and love who they are. The merch will serve as a good reminder of that message. Whether you’re drinking coffee, working out, or just lounging around you can remember to be comfortably you.

Right now, I’m launching merchandise that has my logo on it. I’m working on bringing more to my storefront soon so stay tuned! I’m so excited to be announcing this to you all and I appreciate all your support. I love being able to help you and share things through my blog.

In the photo, I am wearing the white MEGMATABLE shirt. The shirts fit true to size and are VERY soft. They are tri-blend tshirts making them unbelievably comfortable.

In the future, subscribers will receive promo codes for discounts and deals on my merch. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to be a part of those deals!

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