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2019 Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

You may think it’s a bit early to be thinking about the holidays, but that is exactly why it’s the best time to start. The holidays are more enjoyable and stress free when you are prepared. Today I’m sharing with you some holiday gift ideas I think any woman in your life would love this year!

I’ve tried to find options that would not break the bank and can help people at a variety of budget points. These gifts are geared towards women, but that does not mean a man in your life would not love them.

Want more tips on holiday gift giving?

I personally get so excited to shop for people. Probably because I shop for myself all the time, it’s exciting to get creative for someone else. Throughout the week, I’ve shared my tips about holiday gift giving on my Instagram. Head over there if you want more than just this simple gift guide!

In the description I will include whether or not I have actually tried the product or if it’s on my wish list too. To my Secret Santa, you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Revlon dryer

A perfect gift for the beauty guru in your life! Under $60 (usually on sale for about $40), makes this an affordable gift for any woman in your life. This dryer will quickly become an everyday essential! I got my Revlon dryer a couple months ago and I’m in love. Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve used a regular blow dryer maybe twice?! The Revlon dryer dries and styles your hair in one sweep and gives it the perfect bounce. For a while, stick straight hair and perfect curls were in. Now, people want bounce, life, and creativity in their hair! The Revlon tool provides a simple way to achieve that fun look.

Loopy case

A Loopy case comes in around $40 and is definitely a bit pricier for a phone case, however, I have heard nothing but good things. I personally have not bought one (but I look online regularly). A good family friend raved about them and told me I’d love it. About a year ago, I had a stick on loop for the back of my phone and basically made my own loopy case. I absolutely loved having that on my phone so there is no doubt in my mind I’d love a Loopy case. It prevented me from dropping my phone numerous times whether I was going for a run or carrying groceries in with only one trip ;).

No chip kit

I wrote a whole post about no chip kits because it is that valuable to me. The investment pays for itself within 1-2 uses! If you choose to get a kit for someone in your life, it will not go unused and I promise they will love it. The kit price can vary depending on the products you get and how many polishes you buy. Average price for a full kit would be around $50 making it a budget friendly gift idea.

Slim can holder

Another item I do not currently own but actually requested this year for the holidays. I personally am a White Claw lover and there are not many can holders for the slim cans. Most beer koozies are made for larger cans BUT I found this insulated one for under $30. I have no idea if it works well, but even if it does not keep my drink cold for long, I’ll have a cute koozie to store it in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Travel scarf

As the name might say, this would be a great idea for a traveler in your life. However, the scarf is so dang soft anyone would love it. I do not own this item but I have touched Barefoot dream products and can solemnly swear the softness is at an all time high! This scarf would be perfect for flights, road trips, going to the movies, etc. It can serve as a blanket, a scarf, a pillow, and it is a fashionable piece. I almost bought one of these during the Nordstrom anniversary sale this year but hesitated because I didn’t know if I’d use it. After flying 2 weeks every month, I can guarantee I would use this every flight. A travel scarf would definitely be the most expensive item on my list, but this brand is worth the splurge!

Boss Babe books

Every woman loves feeling empowered and learning how to boost other women in their life. Girl power, am I right?! I have recently begun investing in #BossBabe books that teach me new ways to be confident in the business industry. Since I am just starting my career, I thought these books could establish a guiding path for me to follow. I’m not through any of the books yet, but I’ve linked some books I own and ones on my wishlist. I love to read and I’d love to share my thoughts about the books when I do read them.

I wish you all the best of luck shopping this holiday season! Send me your gift ideas this year too, I’d love to see them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Last, but not least, I hope these ideas help you be comfortably you as you shop!


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